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Being Positive: The Lives of Men and Women with HIV

"An unforgettable picture of what extremity looks like...intense."

--Clifford Geertz, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

"Arresting work...should be widely read by practitioners, researchers, and policymakers."
--Arthur Kleinman, M.D., Harvard Medical School

"I know of no higher praise than to name a book necessary. Being Positive is that and more.
--Fenton Johnson, author of Geography of the Heart

"These are compelling stories...reminds us that we have so much to learn about life and death."
--Abraham Verghese, M.D., author of My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story

"What distinguishes this series of narratives from others is the observation and reflection on...experiences of those…represented in the book."
--Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy